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The new Norther Allure Libre is our take on the traditional Randonneur frame, but for those that are sold on some more modern-ish performance but not looking to sacrifice any of the classic aesthetic. We say “modern-ish” because it has the stopping power of disk brakes yet still has the classic looks of standard sized tubing and geometry, and the smooth lines of a filled to perfection fillet brazed frame.

The Allure Libre “(ah lure lee bruh)” takes its name from a classic Randonneur term meaning, “Self-paced long-distance bicycling”.

This style of ridding was originally promoted by the Audax Club Parisien, the Randonneurs Mondiaux, and the Randonneurs USA, according to the rusa.org.

“Each rider is free to go as fast or as slow as he or she sees fit, so long as he or she stays within the time limits of the brevet. This type of riding might resemble conventional bicycle road racing when practiced by the swiftest front-runners; behind them riders form or dissolve groups on the road as they see fit and it looks more like bicycle touring. Nonetheless, no matter how fast one goes, "randonneuring" brevets are not competitive events per Article 12 of the Audax Club Parisien Regulations. One may strive to ride fast for a "personal best", but not to defeat one's fellow riders, as in a race. Friendly camaraderie is frequently seen in "randonneuring", so too, uncommon determination. Finishing the ride is everything in this style of cycling, not how fast one undertook it. In "randonneuring", tenacity is more celebrated than speed.”--as quoted from rusa.org

These low trail disk rando frames use the same proven geometry of Classic low trail rando bikes and our favorite tubes and frame construction materials.

They're not overbuilt mountain bikes with all sorts of compromises, weird geometry and band aids to try and make them work as a road bike. They're true rando bikes, with supple thin tubes and actual low trail disk forks to ride and handle like all their beloved handmade Randonneur brethren.

They're made with standard sized elegant thin tubes, one inch top tube and 1 1/8 seat and down tubes with fully filled fillet brazed construction, and your choice of threaded or threadless steer tube.

They of course take a 27.2 seat post, fit 650b x 48 Switchback Hill tires and fenders. They take standard quick release disk hubs: 135mm rear and 100mm front. Have integrated internal Dynamo wiring guides.



The standard price is be $2,000 + any option you so choose, shipping and handling.

Base deposit is a minimum $500. This reserves your spot in the next batch. We often start a new batch as soon as one is ordered, very low to no wait times.

You may pay the rest at your leisure. This means you can pay it all off with your deposit, make a few random lump payments or pay a little bit every pay check till it's paid off. All bikes must be paid off before they ship, and preferably within 30 days of completion. (We have a batch updates page and update it several times during each batch.

Full builds could take a little bit longer, and will require further deposits to get your parts ordered and wheels built. 

We strongly prefer checks. Please make your check out to Norther Cycles and send it to us here at:

Norther Cycles 5515 N Albina Ave Portland OR 97217

Please include your size optional upgrades, and color and let us know if you want the optional matching racks, and if you want just the frame set or if you plan on having us do the full build.

If you are interested in this bike but it just isn't quite what you want we do offer full custom bikes to your specks and size with a very short wait.

If it’s going to be plastic instead of paper we do have a link to pay through the website:

Full build kits are available as well as just frame and fork sets. We will also build the bike with whatever available/compatible group you like.