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New for 2019

We’ve changed everything! We thought we designed the perfect bike, but lots of people didn’t like the tubing thickness and the color. Funny story, just about every single custom customer we have since introducing the Klickitat has wanted the paint job off the Klickitat… and just about every Klickitat customer has wanted a custom color. There’s just no winning sometimes…

So for 2019 we’ve decided to change up the color, tubes, sizes and pump.


As for color, we’re doing it up like we do the Norther Lyon’s. We’ve ordered up 50 color samples we like and we’ll pick 4 or 5 of those for the new 2019 Klickitat colors! I’ll have them listed with pictures and links soon over on the Sizes, Geometry, and Colors page.


As for tubing, people just don’t know how to appreciate high quality Columbus 9.6.9 tubes. I think a lot of big manufacturers and low end bikes that claim to use nice 9.6 tubes have given them a bad wrap. So we’re changing the Tubing selection up to 8.5.8 4130 cromo main tubes, and keeping the Columbus .8 stays and Columbus fork blades. So a little thinner, lighter and livelier!


We’ve added a much demanded 52cm (with a nice big normal looking head tube)! So now they come in 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60cm. We may try a 50cm at some point too…


The pump we’ve been using hasn’t been made in over two years and we’ve just about exhausted the supply of them, so we’re switching it up. All future Klickitats’ are being made with double pump pegs on the non drive chain stay for our modified Lezyne frame pumps. They’re good looking, still available and easy to replace if lost.

Current Batch:


Currently we’re working on a few prototypes of the new for 2019 Klickitats. The prototypes include a 52 and 58cm frame. If that’s your size let us know and we’ll get it powder coated the color you like. We may also make a few more to test out all the other colors if there’s time between custom work.

If you like the sound of these changes for the 2019 hit us up and we’ll get yours started right away. Check out the About & Ordering page for all the details on how to order.